Merwin McCrady is always looking for a way to escape. He loves transporting to music with introspective lyrics or a heavy bassline. He sails away to paintings of vast landscapes and the sounds of wind across rivers and lakes. He gets lost in the sound of waves crashing on a beach or the wind whistling through windows on a road trip. He may fall asleep to the soothing sounds of a train while traveling to different cities. It’s a way to experience solitude and serenity in an otherwise chaotic and busy world. It’s also something he explores in his writing—to take the chaos around us and offer a sense of understanding and relief. 

He takes loneliness and depression and shines a light on self empowerment, freedom, and serenity. He believes that if you are honest with yourself, you will gain what it is you actually want. He loves getting into a deep conversation about life and art. What are you beliefs and prejudgements? What are the things you want most in life? When was the last time you were brave enough to admit you were wrong and what you thought was true wasn’t the complete truth? Take a journey through characters that ask themselves these same questions in prose and verse. Be prepared to take an introspective look at life. Let the underdog shine within you. It may be the influence others need to see to feel empowered as well.

From limitations spring forth Creativity.
— William "Bill" Ball