Blog Update 2-17-17

So I'm currently working on a publishing a chapbook of my poetry. It's broken into four themes, organized in an autobiographical form. This book will serve as an introduction to my work and a showcase of how my writing has progressed over time. The poems in the first section of the book are older works I wrote as a teenager. The works towards the end of the book are those I wrote only a coupe of years ago. So in others words, there's a ten year span between the first work and the last in the chapbook. I'm very excited about this project, as it will be my first time publishing anything and releasing it for sale. I have more ideas for books in both fiction and nonfiction, but one thing at a time. It's said that the hardest step take is the first. I've been going through a learning curve trying to familiarize myself with this process, but so far it's been fun watching other people help bring this project to life. I will keep writing updates on the book on a weekly basis until its release.