Don't Wake Me Up

Don’t wake me up from the dreams of me 

Floating in the clouds

Made of soft sheep.

Don’t wake me up from the dreams

Where I submerge into a pool

And begin to swim like a mermaid.

There is a kingdom in the Mariana Trench 

Where I reside in my dreams;

Similar to Atlantis,

Hidden away from the real world,

Where there is nothing dreamy,

But seems to be filled with 

Too much frustration and grief.

Let me escape into my art.

Let me provide an escape for others

Who are struggling for a better, easier life. 

I know life is a dichotomy of good and bad, 

Positive and negative,

Yin and yang. 

But so far, all that I’ve seen is

Dark, black, and cold. 

So don’t wake me up from my dreams

Where everything is light and carefree.