Falling Asleep

Mark opened the door to his apartment. He was exhausted from working a thirteen-hour shift. Not only that, but his car was in the shop and he didn't even have time to rent another one. It had been a whirlwind of a day. All he wanted was to lie down and not wake up for a few days. At least his coworker offered to drop him off at home. Just then his phone buzzed. His phone had been ringing all day with managers calling him from other facilities. He just wanted to shut it off for the rest of the day. But his face lit up when saw the name. 

Hey are you home or still at work? It was a text message from Bryan, the only person in the world Mark would prolong sleep for. 

Just got home, but dog tired. 

Aww. Well, I’ll let you sleep. Just checking in with you, that’s all.

Just then, a thought crossed Mark’s mind. He grabbed his phone and shot off the text before his brain got in the way. 

Would you like to come over?

Sure. Be there in a sec.

Mark quickly took a shower, and dragged his body to the couch to wait for Bryan. A few minutes later, the doorbell rung.  

“Hey you. You definitely look tired,” Bryan replied as Mark opened the door. 

“Well working thirteen hour shifts for three days straight will do that to you. Luckily I have the next three days off.”

“Well how about you get some sleep and I’ll just cuddle and lay down beside you?”

As if he already knew what Mark was thinking. Too tired to not oblige, Mark shut the door behind Bryan and pushed him into the bedroom. He immediately flopped onto the bed, which brought a chuckle from Bryan. Mark was too tired to even care. All he wanted was Bryan’s arms around him, to lay his head on Bryan’s chest, and fall asleep to his breathing.