God, I Love Your Smile

God, I love the way you smile.

How the light reflects off your eyes,

The wrinkles that form

As you laugh and collapse in my arms. 

I never want to let go.

Sometimes I want to paint you, 

Knowing my artistic skills 

Could do no justice to the breathing form;

And sometimes your breathing 

As you fall into a deep slumber

Is the only lullaby I need.

When you start to cry, 

The only thing on my mind is protecting you,

Doing all I can to make you feel safe and loved. 

And whenever I start to doubt myself, 

And think I’m too much or not enough for you,

All you need to do is lay your head on my chest

Or ask if I will stay with you…

That is enough confirmation for me. 

It’s amazing how someone like you

Can break though my barriers

And crawl behind my walls,

Burying yourself into my heart.

God, I love the way you smile.