Haunting Dreams

I’m haunted by these dreams

These visions of me winning

Of saying the words I’ve never said

Of singing the notes you’ve never heard

The lyrics you’ve never read


These dreams of hitting that high point 

You knew I always could

But I was too scared to do. 

I want to live among that rich and famous

Yet my brain tells me I cant,

My heart is too scared to let me fail.


So what do I do when my spirit is berating me?

For not setting it free

From the shackles my mind created

Within this world of tragedy? 


As time ticks away

The reflection in the mirror becomes harder to face. 

And these sleepless nights are awoken with flashing lights.

And me belting on a stage

With spectators shouting at me 

Some with praises, others with hatred. 

Yet, all I can remember is that I wasn't afraid. 


And it hits me. Make this reality, 

So these dreams can stop haunting me. 

And the reflections in the mirror will stop staring at me with 

Dark circles and tears streaming down my cheeks. 

The headaches can stop and my heart will be light again. 

Taking the first step is daunting. 

Criticism is harsh. 

Yet, the screams in my soul are becoming louder

Than the taunting screams in my dreams. 


Follow your dreams

Or they will haunt you.