He and Green Eyes

Green eyes.

That’s all he saw as he woke from a deep slumber.

It was the best sleep he had had in days,

Maybe weeks even. 

And from these green, he felt safe. 

They were captivating. 

He reached out to run his hand against

The stubble of Green Eyes. 

“Good Morning.”

The gruffness of that voice was comforting, 

A bit startling. 

He wanted to reply, but instead

Chose to curl up against the chest of Green Eyes. 

Those biceps curling against his shoulders,

Those hands against his back,

Their legs intertwined in an embrace,

Too scared to let go, in case, this too, 

Was just a dream. 

He could feel the pulse of Green Eyes’ heart,

The blood circulating in the veins of Green Eyes’ neck. 

It felt comforting, something he hadn’t known 

Or simply forgot what it felt like. 

What he did know

Was that He didn’t want to let get of this embrace,

And hoped for more mornings with Green Eyes whispering,

“Good Morning.”