I Forget to Forget

I always dream of your face,

Of your laugh,

The sway in your walk,

Your hair blowing in the wind.

Sometimes when I’m missing you,

I take to the bottle,

Only to realize that my problem 

Becomes compounded. 

I drink to forget,

But wind up only remembering more.

I go to my room to sleep it off,

Only to be hit by the remembrance of 

Your smell on the pillow cases

I could wash my sheets a hundred times, 

But as my head hits the pillow,

I’m greeted with the sight of your head lying next to me,

The smell of your soap radiation off your

Freshly showered body.

I don’t think I could ever forget,

No matter how many bottles of rum and tequila

I down at night.

I forget to forget, 

And dream of your body,

Your head, your face,

Lying next to mine.