Life Happens

Sometimes life gets in the way. 

We focus so much on the responsibilities

That we forget what the soul wants. 

We forget to dance, we forget to sing

We forget to create, we forget the feeling of being alive.

I’m still swimming through the mud,

Trying to reach the surface. 

If my life was an iceberg,

My current point would be well below sea level. 

Sometimes I’ve wondered “What’s the use?"

But I know that very phrase is suicide, 

Launching me back to the phase of numbness and depression. 

Only doing what others think I’m supposed to do,  

Instead of asking myself, “What’s next?”

And letting my creativity guide me through.  

It’s been said that life happens when you try and plan everything.

So when these barriers are thrown against me,

I’ll try to remember to cling on to hope. 

Faith and patience are a virtue,

But you have to be ready to take action. 

And remember to thank yourself for all you’ve been through. 

It hasn’t been easy, I can attest to that. 

But I’m still here.