Night Before the Flight

A knock sounded at my door. I got up from my comfortable position on the couch to look through the peephole. I could never mistake those green eyes. I opened the door and was greeted with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. 

“Hi,” I greeted Jorge. 

“Hola, guapo,” he replied in a soft, soothing voice. I could never get tired of hearing his voice. 

“Did you just leave the gym?” I asked.

“Not too long ago. I figured this was okay to wear today.” He was wearing a tank top, shorts, and tennis shoes. He looked like a Latino version of Tom Daley. His muscles were long and lean underneath the tank top. He could easily pass for a swimmer, dancer, or model. He looked adorable and sweet as he kissed me and strode through my front door to the couch. Our only plan was for him to come over and hang out before I left for London tomorrow morning. I was going to attend a conference I had been keeping tabs on for a few months, but I’d be gone all week. We figured it was best to spend some time together on my last day here. 

“I was just starting my favorite TV show. Want to join me with some popcorn?”

“Sure. As long as I get to spend this last night with you.”

I chuckled as I headed to the kitchen. “It’s only a week. It’s not like I’m moving across the ocean.”

“I know, but still…”  he groaned. I laughed again. I came back after the popcorn was ready to find him on his back across the couch. 

“Cuddling position already? You’re just gonna fall asleep anyway.” He always did. 

“Not like you’d ever complain.”

He was right. Being wrapped in his arms on the couch was almost a favorite pastime. I laid down with my back against his chest. He instantly wrapped his arms around me. 

“I love the smell of your hair,” he replied. I giggled as he nuzzled against my neck. I had just washed my hair, so it smelled like soap and coconut. 

It wasn’t long before he was fast asleep. Best way to spend the night before a long flight.