No More Micah

How dare she talk to me like that! I’ve barely even known her! I don’t give a damn if she’s the CEO or what-the-fuck-ever! I will shoot her!

     Today was Visitation Day, and we had spent the week before and past weekend making sure the store looked tip-top shape. We even did some deep cleaning that nobody had ever thought to do. And I swore if I had to deep-clean the grease-filled roller grill ever again, I would quit. But I decided that all would be fine as soon as the CEO and whoever else was gone.  

     Now I had never been at the store working whenever these people came in for a visit. Normally it was the manager or person working the morning shift. But the manager had a family emergency and asked me to cover her shift for her. This was supposed to be my day off, but there I was, working the day shift, feeling all out-of-order. So I was super nervous when a white BMW pulled into the parking lot. A lady will long grey hair and a turned-up face got out the car, along with some posse that came in two other cars.  

     Is she the president or something, because she’s dressed very official? 

     Indeed she was. She stepped inside the store, and I put my best face on and smiled.  

     “Welcome to Central Avenue Express,” I said with a smile.  

     “Excuse me, where is your name tag? And is that really the way to address your customers?” she replied.  

     “Excuse me..?” Okay first of all, who the fuck does she think she’s talking to? Second, my name tag should be the least of her concerns. She didn’t even look around the store to see how clean it was. She didn’t even say “hello” back or even give me her name. So yeah, I already knew I didn’t like this bitch.  

     “You need to be in complete uniform whenever you come to work. I’m sure your managers have informed you." 

     “Is there something I can get for you?” I replied, with my head cocked to the side. It was taking all of my strength and willpower to not let my anger seethe through. My tongue and face felt like they were on fire.  

     The bitch ignored my question and started to pace around the small store. She walked with her head held high, the way pretentious cartoon characters do. When she made her way back to the register, she gave me a once over.  

     “Please tuck in your shirt.." 

     “My shirt is tucked in. And would you mind giving me your name. I don’t see a badge or any identification on you." 

     My heart was beating and anger was rising in my cheeks. If I was fair-skinned, my whole face would probably be beet-red by now. She was testing me, and she was about to pay the consequences for it.  

     She blinked and for a second I could see she was taken aback. She quickly composed herself however, and simply replied, “Nice meeting you." 

     Then she and her posse walked back to their cars and drove off. I thought the worst was over until 30 minutes later when my cell phone rung. 

     My direct manager was on the other line. 

     “Please tell me you didn’t catch an attitude with her. That was the president of the company. Micah just called me complaining and all upset”. So apparently, the president bitch called Micah, the general manager, who called my manager, and now shit was trickling down hill.  

     “She copped an attitude first." 

     My manager sighed. “I know, she can be a bit of a bitch. Micah wants to suspend you, but I’m not gonna let that happen”. Thank god my direct manager cared about me. “Just hang in there okay. Sorry I wasn’t there…" 

     “It’s okay. Thanks for letting me know.” At least my manager and I had a good relationship. If it wasn’t for her, this place would have been burned down a long time ago.  

     Suddenly the store phone rang.  

     “Thank you for calling Central Avenue Express. This is Kyle speaking" 

     “Kyle, how dare you embarrass this branch like that. The president just called me, and I think we taught you how to treat our guests much better than …." 

     “Fuck you, first off all, how dare you call up here complaining to me like you’re my father. How about you learn how to speak to your associates better, and this place wouldn’t be such a goddamn revolving door of employees who can’t stand your dumb ass.” I was not about to let Micah talk to me like that.  

     “Kyle, if you don’t like it, then maybe you should quit.”

     The thought crossed my mind so many times. I was silent for a second, and then hung up the phone. I gathered my things and walked out to my car. I was done with this place, done with Micah, done with the president.  

     I had intended to drive home, write a letter of resignation, and look for another job. But my car didn’t go home. Instead I headed for the main store, the store in which Micah was at. I didn’t mean to see him, but I guess my mind and psyche had had enough. I parked the car and got out, marching towards the main store. I entered the doors and walked straight to the back office. There was Micah’s office, with the door wide open. Everyone else that usually occupied these back rooms were out, possibly running around making sure shit was getting done on the floor. Thinking back to that incident, I realized the my store was the first stop, so I got the worst end of the stick first. Apparently, she calms down by the time she gets to the main store.  

     Anyway, I walked straight through his door, and there was Micah, staring intently at his computer screen. Does he ever come out of this office? 

     “I thought you were at the other store. In fact, I thought I just fired you." 

     Suddenly I slammed the door closed and locked it. His eyes got big as saucers.  

     “What are you doing? Kyle, open my door. Kyle…." 

     He couldn’t say anymore words. Not when I had my gun pointed to his head. He lifted his hands up. I had absentmindedly put my gun into the inside pocket of my jacket. I didn’t mean to carry it inside the store with me. But like I said, my body had different plans.  

     “No need to fire me. In fact, you won’t ever be firing anyone else.”  

      The gunshot was the last sound he would hear.