Tears can be a sign of joy, 

The pain kept hidden by a smile.

The hollow feeling in my chest

As my world closes around me,

Shouting to the sky, ‘Why me?!’--

But I guess someone has to go through it.

And why not the strongest one?

More value for the one who keeps fighting,

To go through the fire

Till he reaches the other side.

To claw through the dirt

Till he is able to stand on his own feet again,

Smiling the whole time through.

And as you look back through the

Hurricane in your past,

Diamonds fall from your eyes

As you realize you’re still alive.

The others will never know.

All they see is a smile,

And wonder 'how could you be so happy?'


If they only know how

Tears can be a sign of joy; 

Pain kept hidden by a smile.