Welcome Back

”OWW!” Max wailed as he fell inside the room. He had tripped over a ball he intended to pick up earlier. 

“I told you to put that up before we left,” Skye laughed as he helped Max to his feet. 

“Oh whatever, just get in here already.”

Both men decided to go for a grocery run. Skye had been out of town for the holiday break and neglected to get food upon his return. Max just simply needed to go grocery shopping for the month. 

“So I totally forgot what food was yours and what’s mine,” Max said as he rummaged through one of the bags. 

“It doesn’t matter, I might just come in here and eat since we live down the hall from each other now.” Skye took a step towards Max to see what food he was picking up.

“Oh that’s right you moved. How convenient.” Max said, rolling his eyes. He noticed a slight wince from Skye in the corner of his eye, followed by a small nervous laugh. He realized Skye had been acting a bit quiet tonight. They went on store runs all the time, mostly to get Skye some cigarettes or Max some fast food. But Skye wasn’t joking as much as he usually did.

“Hey are you okay tonight? You’ve been acting a bit off,” Max questioned.

“Nah man, I’m fine. I’m just glad to be back that’s all,” Skye replied, although his heart was beating a tad bit faster. 

Max stepped a bit closer, placing a hand on Skye’s arm. “You know if there’s something on your mind, you can tell me right?”

“I know,” Skye replied with a smile. He couldn’t help but feel like there was more to Max’s words. Or maybe he was just hoping…

Max crossed to the other side of the room, rummaging through bags to put up the food. Skye began to look around a bit more nervously. Maybe he should just come out and say what was on his mind.

“You sure you’re okay?” Max asked, startling Skye out of his thoughts.

Fuck it, Skye thought. Yeah, um, come here.” Max walked cautiously over to Skye. 

“Hey man, I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” 

There was a small beat before Skye spoke again. “I thought about you a lot.”

“Aw, me too, man.” Those words made Max feel a bit lighter. Was Skye about to tell him something important? He had a glimmer of hope in the back of his mind. Maybe he is after all. Maybe he feels the same way that I feel.

Max parted his lips to bravely speak what he hoped Skye was thinking. But just then, Skye kissed Max on the lips. Max looked back at Skye with wide eyes. Skye looked back at him with pain in his eyes, and turned to walk away. 

“Hey wait,” Max said, grabbing Skye by the arm. Skye turned around to look at him with a scared look. 

Max had to laugh at how shy Skye was acting. “Dude, if I knew this was why you were acting weird today, I would have said something myself.”

“Really?” This brought a smile to Skye’s face. 

“Yeah, man.” Max looked down, rubbing a hand through his hair in a bit nervousness. “I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, but I didn’t want to ruin a friendship again.”

“Again?” Skye questioned with great concern. Who could have hurt Max?

“Yeah, but it’s a story for another time.”

Skye chuckled, “Man, I feel so stupid now.” 

“Don’t be,” Max said lovingly. He wrapped his arms around Skye’s neck, kissing him gently. Skye returned the kiss with more passion, both men elated at the fact that their feelings for one another were mutual. 

“I guess you won’t be needing to take your groceries to you room anytime soon?” Max playfully asked.  

“Nope, I’ll just eat whenever I come over to see you.”