Your Eyes

Eyes can be like waterfalls,  

Like diamonds that have been crushed too hard.  

Tears streaming down my chest  

As you struggle to catch your breath.  

Or when you are so moved 

That your brain takes over 

As you sympathize with the hurting child or dog on the news. 

Or when love triumphs in the films 

And you don’t want to cry 

But your eyes say otherwise.  

Like a lake overflowing a dam 

And the only way for it to rest is on your cheeks.  

Your eyes tell the truth behind the lies, 

So you give honesty the power 

Since you know I can see through you. 

The windows to your soul,  

You make sure I’m the only one that knows 

The stories behind the looks you give. 

The pain in your frown, 

The joy in your smile.  

The little nuances that make my heart skip 

When no one else notices. 

Yet when you are laughing or wake in the morning 

Your eyes are the first to smile.  

Your eyes are the first thing I'd remember 

If you were to say goodbye, 

And the last thing I remember 

When you say goodnight.